• About 'Who Is Leading?'

    Understand Why We're Here


    Who Is Leading? is a project focused on exploring the dynamics of non-Christians leading corporate worship, and exploring biblical leadership for adult and youth worship teams. Who Is Leading? was founded in 2017, and hopes to create a body of content that will educate and inform the greater worship leading community, pastors, the general body of Christ, and beyond.


    Within the DFW area of Texas, it is a common occurrence to have non-Christians leading corporate worship - and unless you are a "gigging" musician within this scene, (or the music directors/worship leaders/staff that are hiring them,) you might not know about it.


    A definitive or absolute cause of this phenomenon is empirically undetermined - is it due to the gigging culture economy of metropolitan areas in Texas alone, a byproduct of Bible-belt Christianity, or a dynamic that has been around for centuries? Is it biblical to have non-believers leading believers in worship, or is it "allowed" and even a good thing?


    These are some of the major questions that Who Is Leading? hopes to respond to, along with a variety of other questions derived from and related to just these two. Who Is Leading? hopes to engage the musical community and the general public in not only collecting information, but to create a dialogue that everyone can benefit from.


    The concept of Who Is Leading? was created in 2015 by Morgan Wallace Tremillo, a worship leader & professional musician in North Texas. After receiving a temporary worship-leading position without being prompted as to her faith, beliefs, home church, etc., she found that she couldn't shake the desire to explore deeper into the dynamic of some churches quickly & comfortably hiring non-Christians. She also realized that she was not the only Christian musician who struggled with certain aspects of the "church gig circuit". These have led to the desire to dive deep into other questions surrounding how to care for our worship teams, teaching solid practices within Youth worship teams, and how to navigate these scenarios.


    The intent and goal of Who Is Leading? is to formally investigate the extent of this phenomenon via interviews and collecting statistical data from various members of churches (pastors, worship leaders, regular members), independent musicians (Christian and non), and provide prompting questions and materials to help worship leaders in navigating this conversation, hiring musicians, developing worship teams, and other dynamics with the focus of glorifying God in all that they do.

    CURRENT SCOPE & GOALS - 2019 & 2020

    2020 FOCUS: Releasing a Podcast of 10+ interviews!


    There is a large spectrum of opinions and perspectives on the matter, so the current goal is to collect enough data through surveys for a variety of individuals: musicians, church leaders, church members, and the general population.

    The intent of Who Is Leading? is to collect basic data from across the DFW-area & beyond through social media & personal connections.

    After initial assessments, specific individuals will be interviewed to discuss some of the overarching issues, biblical counsel, personal experience and opinion, etc. Who Is Leading will intend to utilize these interviews to release as a potential series on YouTube and/or podcasts, as well as create initial material for a text publication.

    As the project collects data, Who Is Leading? hopes to develop a community of experts and volunteers to help establish Who Is Leading as a potential legal entity, and at minimum, have a core team to help direct the vision and direction of the Who Is Leading? Project.


    If you are interested in becoming an integral part of the Who Is Leading? Project, email whoisleadingworship@gmail.com.